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Art Therapy at YELL SOS can  increase confidence, help overcome difficult experiences, learn to release emotions while making art. It can increase positive feelings, and help in becoming more productive in day to day life. Art Therapy can help us manage day to day pressures better , understand ourselves more and help us to relax. Being good at art is not important and everyone is welcome.

Counselling services are run by a number of counsellors both qualified and in training throughout the week and during selected evenings and weekends.

The great news is that having Art Therapy  and counselling at YELL SOS  is free. but the organisation always welcomes donations to help continue all the important work it does in the community for free.
Sarah who runs the art therapy group and individual on to one sessions is experienced in providing a  friendly, safe and relaxed environment as her background has been in providing services to the public.

YELL SOS is a locally run organisation which has developed its’ Art Therapy services according to the governing body’s guidelines (advise given by the HCPC) in order that it is appropriate and safe to access (note YELL SOS is not a member of the HCPC as this is not how it works).  Art Therapists, once qualified, register with the HCPC.  This is because Art Therapy and a number of other health services (like chiropody) are overseen by the Health and Care Professions Council.  Counselling services are overseen by bodies such as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) amongst others.  YELL SOS has been supporting the community since 2005 and offers a range of services which serve the communities needs.

Art Therapy Group sessions are held on Thursday between 2pm-4pm

One-to-One Art Therapy sessions are for an hour long for people aged 14+ to adult  and are run on Fridays between 12:30pm – 4:30pm

If you would like to book or chat with Sarah about what to expect before you do call


Please note our counselling and psychotherapeutic services are delivered by BOTH qualified and art therapists in training. Our Art Therapy is provided by our Art Psychotherapy TRAINEE.

ALL therapeutic work is clinically supervised by qualified therapists also qualified in a supervisory capacity.This aims to prevent harm and maximise your safety.  We will request your consent to a trainee where this is the case.


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