Why Us?

YELL SOS –  is committed to providing a service which is fair and accessible for all. Organisations refer to YELL SOS becasue they say we are effortful for individuals and groups.

YELL SOS  communicates with everyone involved in supporting and helping a client, helping everyone find  a common ground; facilitaing them to be able to work together collaboratively using a person centred approach, placing the client at the heart of the process .

YELL SOS reduces replication and highlights gaps in provision. We are recommended and referred into by loads of services:-Job-Centre Plus, local primary and secondary health care services, other local charities, and services including GP’s, consultants, family centres, schools, SENCO’s, family support workers, Youth Workers, Social Care Managers, Personal Assistants, Alcohol and Drug services, Early Intervention Services and  clients who support individuals and groups in obtaining our support.

YELL SOS genuinely care and supply services even when money isn’t available to sustain the services.  PLS and LS provide what  YELL SOS needs even when donations don’t support what it needs to run core services or when YELL SOS costs more than there is to heat, light or rent space to give the community the services it need, Mandy-Jayne founded these services which bring sustainable income in to help provide an income for her family and many more disabled workers (who would not be employed otherwise) and which supports YELL SOS when it needs to , in order to sustain or expand services – we are NOT statuatory funded we rely on other’s support to deliver your core needs.

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Yell S.O.S., 150 Victoria Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1SL
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