Yell SOS is run by staff members and volunteers who know hard it is to jump through the hoops between them and accessing support. Sometimes services are hard to access, or it’s hard to explain our wants and needs. Sometimes we fall between the gap of service eligibility because of geography, condition, age, status, gender or income bracket.  This can be frustrating and disappointing.

Sometimes people just can’t locate the help they need and don’t know where to turn. This is where YELL SOS can help. Our Home page explains what we do, explaining who supports YELL SOS service provision, in an attempt to show how it’s all achieved.


The Aim

The aim of Yell SOS is to provide a service which can act as “the glue to stick the rest of the services together” (Humberside Police, 2005). This quote came from an incident involving the police, social services, the local council, GP’s, as well as Primary and Secondary Health Care Services. YELL SOS helped a client, Valerie, who had been a reoccurring problem for the services and individuals involved for over a decade when YELL SOS were finally called.


The situation escalated to the point it was imminent that Valerie would be facing prison unless she was supported to get her issues recognised. The staff at YELL SOS managed to organise all the primary and secondary services to work together; collaborate and share information. As a result, Valerie received help from in-patient services at Castle Hill Hospital, Hull.  GP services were able to begin medication that had been stopped inappropriately ten years before.


Social services and YELL SOS collaboratively went to the lady’s home and helped organise reducing a hoard that had been gathering over the years of ill health, and her family members reported that this was the first time they had felt like they had seen their Mum in over a decade. Valerie was able to begin taking care of herself after the initial course of treatment and restarted many of the hobbies she once had. She began making friends with local residents, instead of being a problem for her neighbours who had become scared of her reactions and actions over the course of the exasperation’s in Valerie’s ill health. YELL SOS provided a central point around which information sharing could occur.


The client’s family involved YELL SOS when they did not understand the income their family member received, could not obtain information from the police or mental health services as they had ‘lost touch’ with their patient, as had the GP and social services. Valerie did not need prosecuting, she needed help. Her family realised this but had no idea how to take action. They needed someone who would spend time on the situation, work out who needed to be communicated with, knew what actions needed to be taken, and would carry it out and then follow up with a caring, committed support network. Have a look at our other pages to see how all this translates into service provision.

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